We are happy to present our sister company “Ride In Baltics” marketing agency. “With many years experience in different kind events organization we can proudly look back – meantime keep on working on future projects, what is our true passion. Together with Baltic Snowpark Agency we are able to offer full package for both – event venue preparation and full media communication”.

  • Consult and create concept, calculate estimate; 
  • Design posters and other visuals;
  • Create teasers and recap videos;
  • Advertise event in industry and mass medias;
  • Organize branding on venue, sign contracts;
  • Organize staff – judges, shapers, secretariat, dj etc;
  • Administrate social networks and web pages;
  • Create reports of facts and statistics after event;


Ride In Baltics | hello@rideinbaltics.eu | www.rideinbaltics.eu