Nico Zacek – Nine Knights/Nine Queens Project Founder about BSA crew:
“It has always been a great please to work with one of the nicest and at the same time toughest crews out on the mountain! I would work with them anytime again!”

Jānis Jansons
BSA Founder
Janis has been running BSA since its beginning. Team leader in Nike Chosen Sessions, Head shaper in Nine Knights’12 event week. He’s a also certified snowboard instructor, trainer, experienced snowcat driver, park designer, the founder of “Ride In Baltics Tour” event series and still looking forward to new projects.
Jānis Daļeckis
BSA Co Founder / Headshaper
By shaping since 2002, Janis is definitely one of the best shapers in the world. He combines perfect quality with high speed. On build ups he has got 5 next steps in head so he’s the one who keeps everybody busy! He has proved himself in Schneestern company at such international projects as Nine Knights, Nine Queens, Air And Style TTR6*, Nike Chosen Sessions. Besides that, Janis is an experienced snowcat driver and a certified snowboard instructor.
Andis Šveicis
3 D Technician
Andis joined BSA team in 2010 when the need for snowpark planing and technical visualizations was very urgent. With him in our team we have achieved new accuracy and quality. Being able to show customers a winter snowpark on computer, Andis has given many advantages for future cooperation.
Kaspars Daļeckis
Shaper, Foto / Video Master
To reach the top quality in all positions, Kaspars joined BSA as a part-time shaper and foto/video master. By investing crazy money in gadgets, now he can offer awesome footage from our projects. Kaspars also took part in the most of Schneestern spring projects – Nine Queens, Nine Knights and Nike Chosen Sessions 2012.
Edgars Jansons
Edgars has been shaping for biggest snowpark in Baltics for many years, but since 2010 he is a strong part of BSA company and has participated in many projects around the Baltic states. Besides, Edgars is working on the BSA side project – Ride In Baltics Tour organization team. As a student in computer tech – he is responsible for our web and social things!

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